Hip Bone Anatomy In general Comprehension

Human hip bone anatomy is considered to be very important for our life because of its strength and durability. Without a strong hip bone we will have various problems especially when we are trying to do our daily activities like sports, work, run and many different things that require strong leg and hip bones to […]

Several Distinct Female Body Parts

Human are one of the most complex creature in this world. There are many unique function and system in human body that we cannot understand completely. Human are divided into two genders which is male and female. Male and female human basically have similar body function and system, however for some part there are distinct […]

Information about Human Muscle Anatomy

Human body has different kinds of muscle; therefore it is important for us to know more about our own human muscle anatomy. Human muscle are originally divided into three types of muscle systems, the first type of muscle is the skeletal muscle. This muscle is what makes up of our body and give us the […]