The Temporal Bone Anatomy Information

Human skeletal system is quite complex and known to have approximately 206 different or individual bones located all over the body. Inside human skeletal system there is also various bones anatomy that is quite important for human life. Some of the anatomy of the bones is used to protect human body organs from harm and […]

Shoulder Muscle Anatomy and how it Works

Human body especially the muscle system has a very wide range of complexity in the anatomy. Almost all of the muscle system are unique and serve an important function so we can move ourselves with ease and without any problem. Shoulder muscle anatomy is a system or part of the human muscle that are quite […]

Human Internal Organ inside our body

Human are complex creatures that have magnificent body system. There are different human internal organ that are pretty important and unique which will keep human body alive. Some of this internal organ is pretty fragile therefore it is located behind our endoskeleton so it can be protected from impact and harm. The most important body […]

Variety of Organs on Left Side of Body

Human body have a lot of different types of organs, many of the organs have a unique function that support the life of the human themselves. However, not every people have the exact knowledge on the organs that are contained inside their body. Originally, human body organs are located into two hemispheres which is the […]

The complex anatomy of Liver in human Body

Human anatomy of liver is one of the most unique and distinct mechanism in human body organs. Liver is considered as one of the largest body organ in human body. Liver has total weight of 3 to 4 pounds making it quite heavy. However, the most notable feature in liver body organs is none other […]